We offer a comprehensive and complete service:
International Trade Partnership Program for Exporting and Importing of Waste

PROECO Corporation is experienced and qualified to handle all aspects of hazardous waste to ensure you will conform to all international and domestic regulations. Our environmental management services include contracting; international financing; inspection; surveyors certification of compliance; site services; equipment, removal and packaging of hazardous wastes for shipment; specialty packaging including crating, blocking and bracing of material in shipping containers; labeling; dangerous goods placarding; manifesting of all required dangerous goods documentation; PCB waste management services; mobile on-site PCB decontamination equipment; on-site chemical/waste storage facilities; spill containment; emergency response plans; transportation arrangements from the client site to the dock & delivery of materials to the final treatment/disposal/ recycling facility; arrangement for ocean freight & customs clearances, and complete export documentation services.

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