PROECO Corporation's engineered PCB Decontamination System consists of three process lines, which are designed to dismantle and decontaminate high-level concentrations of liquid PCBs using a solvent washing process. The decontaminated equipment & windings may then be recycled and sent to a scrap metal dealer while the Askarel Liquids, process residuals, and porous materials can be exported to our facility for incineration.  Some examples of electrical materials to be processed are: fluorescent lamp ballasts, PCB transformers, electrical cable, electronic equipment, and PCB contaminated mineral oils. Our process system is completely mobile for on site decontamination.

We opened Canada's first fully licensed private sector PCB waste management facility in 1989. Field PCB services include: spill sampling, clean-up planning, collection, packaging, transportation, non destructive removal of PCB from cement and associated services; in addition, we have had the experience of cleaning up after five fires involving PCB electrical equipment.
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